AllTech Precision provides precisely manufactured parts for a variety of aircrafts, vehicles, equipment, components and tools.  The main industries AllTech Precision supplies their uniquely designed parts for are:

Aerospace/Space & Defense (ASD)

AllTech has established itself as a key supplier of the most difficult to machine, micron tolerance, ultra precision “smaller” Aerospace/ Space and Defense components.  Short delivery, reliability and precison are our specialties.  Parts can range from military, guidance system components, to deep space satellite components. We have been a critical supplier for JPL contributing to the last 3 mars Rover missions.  We are able to machine most any material from Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Stainless Steel , Kovar, Invar, Oxygen free Copper, Aluminum , Ceramics and exotic plastics.  From prototype to production, we look forward to helping you solve your machining needs.  From Fine Wire EDM (.001”diameter wire) to Die Sink EDM to Precision Turning and Muti Axis Milling, feel free to call on the expertise of AllTech Precision Manufacturing & EDM.

Oil Exploration

AllTech Precision is a provider of many different Oil Exploration industry needs.  We have provided guidance system components along with many other components for the Oil Exploration industry.  Our ability to machine to tolerances approaching +/-  1 micron has put us in a top tier manufacturing category.  AllTech is one of the best kept secrets of our customers.  Please challenge us today with your dreams of tomorrow.

Motion Picture

AllTech Precision is a provider of many different Motion Picture industry needs.  From Precise Movie camera components, camera mounts, gears, etc., AllTech can deliver the accuracy required for the fine tuned cameras that provide us with the incredible clarity that has become their industry standard.  Where others have failed to produce, AllTech can deliver precise, on-time deliveries of the most complex parts.  Look to AllTech for your Motion Picture manufacturing needs.


AllTech Precision is a provider of many different medical industry needs.  We have worked together with many Medical research companies to help design and manufacture state of the medical device components, implants and tooling.  We are currently searching for partners in the Medical Industry to work together with us to help develop their future products.  Look to AllTech for all of your Medical industry manufacturing needs.  We have many capabilities to machine in the micro miniature arena, which makes us an excellent choice for your medical industry requirements.  Some of these include fine Wire EDM (.001” wire size), Die Sink EDM, along with Ultra Precision Turning and Micro Milling.


AllTech is here to provide the commercial industry with a state of the art manufacturing company who can handle all of your manufacturing needs.  We machine critical parts for commercial airplanes, advanced mixology equipment, parts for auto racing industries and many other commercial needs.  AllTech can handle the types of jobs others refuse to attempt.  Do not hesitate to give AllTech Precision a try.  You will be glad you did.