About Us

About AllTech

AllTech Precision Manufacturing is a partnership consisting of Danny Minikus and Leon Ruther.  Danny was born in America and raised in Switzerland.  He completed his apprenticeship there in the machine tool manufacturing industry.  He returned to the US in 1980 to pursue his interests in manufacturing, primarily in the EDM industry.  Leon was born and raised in Southern California.  He was raised with a strong mechanical background, which pointed him toward manufacturing at a very young age.  His interests were in the Precision Turning and Milling sides.  They met while working together for a Southern California aerospace machine shop.  They soon realized their diverse qualities would greatly complement each other, so they decided to form what is now AllTech Precision Manufacturing and EDM.

AllTech Vision & Future

AllTech was founded in 2001 to give the industry an alternative in complex mechanical hardware manufacturing.  Quality, reliability, flexibility and economic viability had to be a standard.  A dynamic approach and machining with function in mind would set us apart from other high precision shops.  We felt the need to think beyond normal 3 axis manufacturing and integrated a fifth and sixth axis respectively, to our Die Sink and Wire EDM machine.  Taking all of this into consideration, we believed WIRE and DIE SINK EDM had to be the cornerstone of our operation.  This exact concept has helped us to be successful.

After that, AllTech rapidly established itself as a crucial supplier for many icon companies involved in deep space exploration, aerospace, ultra precision motion picture cameras and medical.  With a clear vision, and the right customers and suppliers, we can see a very positive and predictable future.